Go Green with L’ANZA VIBES!


Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston is back with another creation using VIBES High-Impact Hair Color. Inspired by Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, and her client who requested hair “like the color of a blade of grass in Fall, with accents of a unique blue”.



Get Catlin’s unique technique below!

Inspiration: PANTONE Greenery with L’ANZA VIBES


30g Healing Color Powder Decolorizer + 60 Volume Healing Color Developer



Green VIBES: 20g Yellow + 15g Blue + 10g Clear

VIBES: Equal parts Blue + Teal

Artist Note: To create variation in depth and tone, do not mix the two shades together completely.

Model Began with a Natural Level 7 Hair

Step 1: Start with a heavy Balayage of the Decolorizer Formula.  Turn brush perpendicular to make peaks and valleys higher toward the face, cascading back.  Apply lighter to ends, peaking higher toward the face. Process until hair reaches a Level 9, and rinse.

Cleanse and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 2: Beginning on a diagonal, take ½” sections in back-to-back foils and Balayage Green VIBES Formula, peaking higher, toward the face.

Step 3:  Using your own creativity, apply Blue VIBES Formula visually to accent the all-over color.  For every 2 BLUE foils, apply 1 TEAL foil.  (Remember: Blue and Teal are not completely mixed!)  Process for 15 minutes.

Step 4: At the color bowl, apply Green VIBES Formula over the entire head while other foils are processing, leave in for another 10 minutes, and rinse.

Cleanse and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo and Conditioner.

About the Artist

Advanced Healing Artist Catlin Weston entered the world of professional hair design in 2003.  With a passion for fashion, Catlin has been the trusted Lead Stylist for the Twin Cities’ largest fashion shows, Voltage Fashion Amplified and Retro Rama, eight years running.  She traveled to New York to style Fashion Week in 2010, and supported the L’ANZA Global Creative Team at the House of HARBISON shows at New York Fashion Week in 2015.  Behind the camera, Catlin’s looks can be seen on the pages of local fashion and lifestyle magazines like Vita.mn, City Pages, Metro, Minnesota Bride and L’etoile.

Wherever she goes, Catlin’s first love is taking care of her clients.  Specializing in curly hair, color, event and bridal styling, Catlin’s second home is Evolution Salon, L’ANZA’s first Healing Center, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Follow Catlin on Instagram @catallyn



Model Began with a Starting Level 4

Smoking Hot Tips:

  • When working with SMOKE (or any blue-based tone), hair must be lifted to a “cool canvas” Level 9-10. Since any residual yellow in the hair will shift SMOKE from a gray steel color toward a greener slate tone (fading further green), you must counter-balance any remaining yellow undertones by adding 1g – 5g of VIOLET to your formula, for every 30g of SMOKE. Process for 30 minutes.
  • Always conduct a strand test prior to application, so you can ensure the best possible results for your clients’ individual hair needs.
  • If Smoke fades to green we recommend removing it with the Beauty Bath medium and adding more violet to the mixture upon re-application.



Pre & Post Service:

Color Attach Step 1: Pre-Color Service

Color Attach Step 2: Post-Color Service


Decolorizer Formula:

30g Healing Cream Decolorizer + 30g 20 Volume Healing Color Developer


Beauty Bath (Mild Formula):

30g Healing Color-Cleansing Shampoo + 30g Powder Decolorizer + 30g Water (Warm) + 5g Trauma Treatment


VIBES Glaze Formula:

16g VIBES Smoke + 90g VIBES Clear


VIBES Accent Colors:

20g VIBES Smoke (separate mixture)

5g VIBES Blue



Step 1 – Begin applying the Decolorizer Formula to new growth area. Then brighten previous lightened ends with a mild Beauty Bath. Process until all hair reaches Level 9, then rinse.


Step 2 – Perform an Ultimate Treatment Using 1-pump Strength Booster, 1-pump Volume Booster and 1-pump Moisture Booster, then blow-dry.


Step 3 – Spray Color Attach: Step 1 throughout hair.  Then, complete an all-over application with Vibes Glaze Formula. Process for 30 minutes, then rinse. Cleanse with Healing ColorCare Shampoo, and blow-dry.

Step 4 – Spray Color Attach: Step 1 throughout hair and comb through. Part head in half. Where hair is heaviest, part that side into a flat moon-shape, the length of the parietal ridge. In back-to- back foils, apply VIBES Accent Colors using the VIBES Sponge Brush to create softness with saturation. Start application with VIBES Smoke, then outline each section using VIBES Blue. Exercise your creativity and design your own unique placement pattern!

Step 5 – In the nape area, divide the back in half. From the center part, take a heavy triangle to the back of the right and left ear, and continue application. There will be a total of 4 foils on each side of the nape, and 3-4 on top of the head.


Step 6 – Process for 30 minutes, then rinse, cleanse, and condition with Healing ColorCare Shampoo & Conditioner. Spray Color Attach: Step-2 into towel-dried hair and comb through.




Use L’ANZA Color Films while applying VIBES Accent Colors to monitor processing and color placement.

L’ANZA UK Celebrates Glasgow’s Top Talent

image005More than 100 hairstylists gathered in Glasgow for Scotland’s most exciting event of the year – the annual L’ANZA Photographic Competition Awards Ceremony!  Hosted at the prestigious Corinthian Club, guests were treated to an inspiring presentation from international platform artist Natasja Keijzer, as they eagerly awaited the unveiling of this year’s winner.


To enter the competition, stylists were challenged to unify the essence of today’s trends into a wearable salon look prepped, styled, and finished entirely with L’ANZA Healing Haircare.  The competition ran throughout Scotland this Autumn, and was an opportunity for stylists to showcase their unique definition of beautiful, on-trend L’ANZA hair!  Anonymous entries were judged by the L’ANZA Global Creative Team.


And the Winner Is…


Taking home the trophy for the third consecutive year: Victoria Taylor from Oxygen in Aberdeen!  Nabbing the Runner-Up slot was Kelly Love from Myles Retson in Larbet, with a Highly Commended nod going to Zara Pirie from Silk in Paisley.


As well as celebrating the winners, L’ANZA congratulates everyone that entered and attended the event, for sharing their creativity, skill, and success throughout the year.

Healing Center Spotlight | Salon Bleu

salon%20bleuStylist Desiree Brown wanted to bring a new level of artistry and education to her town. Fueled by a passion for hairdressing and helping others grow, Desiree founded Salon Bleu. Located in Columbus, Georgia the salon is staffed with a handpicked team of talented artists who collectively ensure every client receives exceptional service – every time.


Sprawling 2600 square feet, the 8-chair salon maintains a unique loft-style layout. Adorning the salon’s center is a circular Color Bar, where clients gather and socialize while receive an array of services. Big enough for eight, the Color Bar offers perfect lighting to capture true color hues, without the need step outside.


Long before launching Salon Bleu, stylist Desiree Brown tried L’ANZA Healing Color on her own hair. Amazed by the performance, she became a devoted L’ANZA user.  When Desiree prepared to jump from stylist to salon owner, she immediately knew L’ANZA would be her partner brand.   “We love L’ANZA and thoroughly enjoy the education they provide, and all the personal attention we receive”, says Desiree.


Thanks to a strong focus on retail education and professional services like Ultimate Treatment and Emergency Service, Salon Bleu’s profits are currently up from last year, and continue to surpass expectations.  Brand Consultant Aubrey Hill is thrilled with their success, and always looks forward to a visit with Desiree and her team.  Aubrey beams, “They are so welcoming! They always treat me like one of the family.”


Salon Bleu | 2979 N. Lake Parkway | Columbus, GA 31909 | 706.257.5096 | sbleu.com





Salon Bleu Business-Building Tip: Give first-time clients a complimentary experience of an Ultimate Treatment of Emergency Service.  Discuss the incredible benefits to the hair while performing the treatment, and explain the regular cost attached. They will enjoy the extra pampering, and the transformative hair results will inspire them to make treatments a regular add-on service!

Top L’ANZA Products

Trauma Treatment, Neem Plant Silk Serum, Design Foam, Dramatic FX, Beach Spray


Endless Summer VIBES Winner – “Summer’s Sunset” by Barbi Horn

4-finalOur Endless Summer VIBES Contest invited colorists to post Before & After shots of their most gorgeous VIBES designs, for a chance to win a pair of Beats by Dre™ headphones!

5-barbi-lanzaAfter a heated voting period, Barbi Horn emerged the clear victor!  See how Barbi achieved her winning design!


Model Starting Levels –

Roots: Level 6

Mid-lengths & Highlighted Ends: Level 9


Barbi prepped the hair for a perfect color service with a complete Ultimate Treatment* using the Moisture Booster.


On clean, dry hair, she began with a heavy balayage using Healing Powder Decolorizer + 20 Volume Healing Color Developer (1:2), and process till hair reached a Level 9.  Once achieved, Barbi did another Ultimate Treatment* using the Strength Booster.


*When using Ultimate Treatment with the new Color Attach System, for best results, do not use Power Protector.

2-middleBefore her VIBES color application, Barbi sprayed Color Attach-Step 1 on dry hair, then proceeded with the color application.

3-applicationVIBES Violet, Red, Orange, and Yellow was applied straight from the tube, without dilution, in back-to-back foils. Different VIBES formulas were applied down each section, beginning with VIBES Violet, then Red, Orange, and Yellow.


Barbi kept the pattern consistent throughout, but admits to straying here and there.  “Sometimes I let my creativity get the best of me” says Barbi, “I ended up choosing certain sections where I felt a variation would show even stronger color.”


Color was processed for a full 20 minutes, and then rinsed.  Hair was cleansed and conditioned with Healing Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner, and finished off with a generous mist of Color Attach-Step 2.


The final step: Barbi finished off her model in full deep treatment luxury with Keratin Healing Oil Emergency Service.  leaving the hair in extraordinary condition!





Where can we find you?

Sahair Salon in Parker, Colorado – a new L’ANZA Healing Center!


How long have you been a stylist behind the chair?

12 years


What’s your favorite current hair trend?

Shadow root to balayage highlights, and then a glaze to my guest’s preference.


What was the inspiration behind your entry?

In all seriousness, I love the new VIBES Orange and Yellow, and I couldn’t wait to use them!


Is there a name for this look?

Summer’s Sunset


My daughter is the model, and her name is Summer.  Once I saw the colors, I knew it was the perfect name!


What do you love about doing hair?

I love being involved in an industry that is constantly evolving and creating trends for us to learn and teach others.


Did you use any L’ANZA to complete your style?

I only use L’ANZA!


To prep the hair for blow-drying I cocktailed Trauma Treatment and Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment and applied it all over the hair.


Before beginning any iron work, I used a generous mist of Thermal Defense Spray.


Throughout my style I used Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray for flexible hold with an added pop of shine. I used Shape Putty to help control the fly-away hairs.  And for the final finish

Color Illuminator to instantly brighten hair color!