L’ANZA Grabs Another 7 Nominations From BTC Stylist Choice Awards

For the first time ever, L’ANZA has been honored with another lucky number 7 nominations in the annual BehindTheChair.com Stylist Choice Awards!


3 incredible prestigious nominations go to our L’ANZA Education Team. First, nominated for Brand Color Educator of the Year, Global Color Director Leah Freeman. And snagging a nomination for Brand Educator of the Year: Global Creative Director Ammon Carver. As if that wasn’t exciting enough <drum roll> L’ANZA Healing Haircare has been nominated for Brand Education Team of the Year!
Beyond our amazing education, product superstars Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment received noms in 3 different categories, along with style fave, Healing Style Thermal Defense.
For a full list of nominees, follow the link below!

L’ANZA Tribe receives a record-setting 7 NAHA 2017 Nominations!

The Finalists for the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) were announced this afternoon, and the news was B.I.G.! This year, L’ANZA Tribe Members were nominated a record-setting SEVEN times! Earning NAHA nods this year are Tribe Members: Matt Swinney, Mark Dolan, and Ammon Carver. And celebrating their very first nomination: Salon Team of the Year, Evolution Experience Salon in Minneapolis – our very first L’ANZA Healing Center! 
Let’s all congratulate them on this tremendous accomplishment! 
Below is a complete list of nominees from the Tribe, including links to their amazing Collections. 
Best Haircolor – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/haircolor/
– Matt Swinney – L’ANZA Global Creative Director
Hairstylist of the Year – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/hairstylist/
– Matt Swinney – L’ANZA Global Creative Director

Styling and Finishing – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/stylefinish/
– Mark Dolan – L’ANZA Artistic Design Team 
– Matt Swinney – L’ANZA Global Creative Director

Salon Team of the Year – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/salonteam/
– Evolution, Minneapolis, Minnesota – A L’ANZA Healing Center

Men’s Hairstylist of the Year – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/mens/  
– Ammon Carver – L’ANZA Creative Director

Master Stylist of the Year – https://probeauty.org/nahagallery/year/2017/master/
– Ammon Carver – L’ANZA Creative Director

B.I.G. Winner – Kelly Nance

When Salon Owner Kelly Nance won the L’ANZA B.I.G. Trip to New York City contest, it was literally a dream come true.  She crammed the ultimate New York City experience into four incredible days, including a special visit to Ammon Carver Studio for a hair service done by Ammon Carver himself!


Joining Kelly on her trip of a lifetime, was her dear friend, Terri.  “When I was knee-deep in breast cancer, Terri was my cancer advocate” explains Kelly.  “Now Terri has Leukemia, and I had a chance to make her feel special.  While at Ammon’s, I surprised her with a service, and she loved it!  Terri has been in swanky places before, but never felt more welcome or comfortable than in Ammon’s studio.  It was such a wonderful experience for both of us –  perfection without any pomp and circumstance.”


At Halo Salon in Franklin, Tennessee, Kelly is exclusively L’ANZA. “I love L’ANZA Healing Color and Retail,” says Kelly. “L’ANZA has inspired me to be an even more passionate hair stylist.” Congratulations to Kelly and her B.I.G. win!

Smoke and Mirrors: Haute Lava

SMOKE & MIRRORS Concept: Haute Lava


When there’s SMOKE there’s FIRE. This fiery fabulous hue blends VIBES Smoke in separate formulas with VIBES Orange and VIBES Red. Artfully placed accents of pure VIBES Yellow, Red, and Orange melt into this smoldering shade.


The SMOKE & MIRRORS series explores the depth and range of palette possibilities achieved when mixing Smoke with other mirror-reflective VIBES shades. When used alone, VIBES Smoke creates intense depth and darkness, without the permanence of black.  When blended with any VIBES shade, Smoke is the key to achieving opulent jewel tones or a muted, antique effect.  High-Impact Dye Technology provides incredible shine, with lasting, colorful results.




Formula 1: 20g 5V  +20g 5RRC  + 5g V Mix + 45g 10 Volume

Formula 2: 30g Decolorizer + 30g 10 Volume Cream Developer

First, apply Formula 1 to the new-growth area, and blend down, about 2-3 inches out, all over the head.  Then take Formula 2, and working from the darkest area first in the back, do a belayed “V” technique. Process for about 20 minutes, or until mid-lengths reach Level 6/7 and the ends are Level 8/9.

Rinse, and begin an Ultimate Treatment. Towel-dry the hair to about 60-80%, spray Color Attach-1 all over the head, and then begin the VIBES Technique.


  1. Formula 1: Equal parts of VIBES Red + VIBES Smoke
  2. Formula 2: VIBES Red
  3. Formula 3: VIBES Orange
  4. Formula 4: VIBES Yellow
  5. Formula 5: Equal parts of VIBES Orange +  VIBES Smoke


Apply Formula 1 over the previous Healing Color application.  Then rich base will blend right into the rest of the formulas. I foiled in Formula 5 (Orange +Smoke)  and 4 (Yellow) to keep them separated from the rest. Whatever is left out of the foils, alternate melting formula 2(Red) to 4(Yellow) and 3(Orange) to 4(Yellow).  Process for 20 minutes.